A few days ago I said on Twitter that I wouldn’t write on the blog. This dropout was most and foremost than for my finals, but I can wait any longer. Who am I kidding? I love writing and if I do it here better.

Well, right now I want to talk about Sia. I can assure that every one of her music videos or performances are pure art. Her voice and the staging couldn’t be more in syntony.

On the comments, there are thousand and one critics. It seems to me that they fail to understand the main idea the artist wants to express on her videos. It’s not their fault, but I welcome you to listen to all songs and see what they want to tell us: maybe the character on them needs to express the fighting than an addiction requires or the battle we create against ourselves to overcome a evilness that forbids us to do what we really want to.

Now, I can only assure you that Sia’s music is worth it and has returned to stay in the Musical and Artistical History.